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  Base Vehicle Price M.S.R.P Dealer Cost
2000 Subaru Impreza 4dr Sedan RS $26,995.00 $24,540.00

  Optional equipment selected    

Totals: $27,295.00 $24,840.00
Current Incentive Programs
Choice of any one of the following :

Retail financing:

12 Months   
24 Months   
36 Months   
48 Months   
60 Months   

Leasing financing:

24 Months   
30 Months   
36 Months   
48 Months   
60 Months   

Cashback   $0.00

National Average Dealer Markup
National average mark-up 6-8 %


Note: The vehicle information offered at does not include dealer association fees, dealer participation charges, government taxes, fuel costs, or pre-delivery inspection, except as otherwise noted above. Freight and PDI charges on vehicles manufactured by the non-domestic carmakers, vary from dealer to dealer and region to region.

Concerning incentive programs and rebates, most manufacturers announce revised programs on a monthly or quarterly basis. Therefore 4 to 5 business days may pass before we receive this information. Always confirm the latest incentive programs with your local dealer.

All the automakers reserve the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to colours, equipment, materials, models, prices and specifications.

CCC Internet Solutions Inc. makes every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of the data presented herein. However from time to time we may receive data that contains errors, or data entry mistakes may occur. As such we are not responsible for the accuracy of the data presented.

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