This page is a work in progress, so please check back often as I get things rolling

Hot Rod Blinkn' v2.1 (patent pending)

A SolidState self canceling Turn Signal module for custom cars hotrods and roasters. Easy to retrofit into an existing project, even easier to install into a new project.

The inspiration for this project was my Factory Five Mk4 Roadster build. These cars don't come with any form of self-canceling signal. Being a software engineer, and a tinkerer of small electronics projects, I knew I could come up with a good solution. Thus, HotRodBlinkn is born.


Install Insructions.pdf (work in progress)

The instructions are still being updated, this is not the final version.

Complete Module

Completed Module

The Brain

Completed Module

Basic Wiring

Basic Wiring

The DIY turn-handle

Insructions how to replicate coming soon. turn-handle