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SASCA AutoX #4 (April 20, 2008)

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Event Photos


My Mom, Dad, Wife and Daughter came to watch this one. Actually, this was the first ever AutoX event my Parents have ever seen. My Dad came with me early to help setup. Dang, it was sure nice having a pit crew! My Dad got to ride along in the morning 3 runs. "It sure is faster in the car than from the sidelines!" he said. Jessica had been once before, and had an idea of what to expect. But, looking at the smile on her face, I think it was more fun this time! Now my Mother on the other hand... hmmm... How to describe what she thought of AutoX... I think this pic summs it up perfectly.

Needless to say, my whole family had alot of fun.

As for this course.. This was another track that tested out my rev-limiter. I was into 3rd a couple of times, but for very short bursts. I'm sure it didn't help my times much. But, my car feels really good now. The new tires, and the tweaks to the suspension have it near neutral. There is still a touch of under steer, but I'm not going to mess with it. It's a little safer that way.


Tested out lower tire pressure in the back (38F/30R), and it felt great - understeer/oversteer all happened VERY slowly, I could even get away with going on and off on the throttle without upsetting the car much. This pressure setup definitely gives more confidence.

(Someone please give me a rear sway bar to play with.........)

Temperature was an issue to quite a few people. I kept having a problem with my front left tire heating up too quickly, so by the time I got to the second long right-hander the car would just understeer, and I had no choice but to be less aggressive for the rest of the right-hand turns. The bumps were killing me also, but I loved the challenge.

I can't say I'm 100% satisfied with my performance this time, but eh no big deal, I guess I'll have to come back next time... oh, which is what? Next month? Unfortunately there's only one autox event for central TX this month... so go-karts, here I come! (9HP FTW?)