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SASCA AutoX #8 (August 18, 2008)

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Event Videos & Photos

Here is an image of Jays course design.


Our resident Corvette owner (Jay) designed his first ever Autox course today. Needless to say, it was fast... REALLY FAST! And damn fun at that! How can I complain about a course that let me stay in 3rd gear for 3/4 of the length of the AT&T center lot! I even had just enough time to glance at my Speedo to see it past 70MPH. Gotta love them Corvette guys and there need for speed.

For the 1st half of the day I got to enjoy the lovely smack talk emanating from the Timing Trailer. Actually, it was pretty damn funny! Richard Watson took it upon himself to give me a hard time for, in his words, "under driving my car". actually, if you listen closely on the videos, you can hear him at the end of my runs. Hey.. it must have worked, cuz I kept getting faster and faster time! Keeping micro-seconds ahead of Mario in his Bad Ass EVO.


Really a fun course designed by Jay, and congrats to him for getting first place overall in PAX!

I was busy coaching a friend in his bone stock Datsun Z all day working on his line, looking ahead and other pretty basic, but important stuff. He listened and was a very fast learner, I could tell him exactly what he needed to execute, and he'd do it, and we'd get faster. We eventually met our goal that day, got a 88.x for his best time... not exactly fast overall in PAX, but to be fair that car really doesn't have too much to offer to be competitive in E-Stock either.

I test drove the Z for a lap also - tire pressure set at 36psi all around; the car had no weird bad habits; minimum understeer & the oversteer was slow and manageable; not a nimble ride but sure turns; a little trailbraking is good depending on where you use it. I had a problem with the seat, because everytime I tried to counter-steer my elbows would hit the seat limiting my arm movements. I actually spun out on that run because I was trailbraking too hard into the second gate on the second fast straight-away... oh well.

During the day Nam in the AP2 black S2000 asked me to ride with him, as well. Apparently he kept DNFing one of the gates, but couldn't seem to figure out where. So I was like "sure", and off we went. I gotta say, Nam's driving has become much more aggressive than I remember last year, and that's a good thing. He did good the first half of the course, and then on the second long straight it went something like this toward the right-hand turn:

Nam: *busy driving*

Wei: "uh, dude... there's a gate!!!"

Nam: "what?"

Wei: "gate! gate! left!"

Nam: *yanked the steering-wheel*

Wei: "whoooooa~~" :-D

And then we spun out... and that's how we solved his DNF problem for the rest of the day.

I did also drive my lude, of course. but since I was busy helping out my friend, I never took my runs seriously. I'd let him ride with me, drive the car, holding my helmet with my left hand (forgot to bring mine, and the borrowed one was too big for me), steer with my right hand, left foot pushing the clutch (for shifting) and braking (I left-foot brake the car as part of my driving style), right foot on the throttle or on the brakes, at the same time telling him "that's where you look ahead... brake here... turn here... get on the throttle here..." I actually gave up finishing all 10 runs... I did 7, and one I let George co-drive my car for the fun of it, never did the last two. There were some minor things I'd try if I took it seriously, but I didn't care.