RetroPie Game Console

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  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Joystick & Buttons
    • 2 8-way digital ball-end joysticks.
    • 6 primary control buttons per player
    • 1up and 2up buttons. Equal to "start" button in non-MAME games
    • single? or dual "select" buttons? 1 per player? Or 1 combined?

Control Configuration

  • 2 joysticks, 6 action buttons (A,B,X,Y,L,R) per joystick & 2 setup buttons (Start/Select).
  • The button layout will replicate an XBox layout with the pair of L&R buttons included.
J  X  Y  L
   A  B  R
    • Sony button map: A=X, B=circle, X=square, Y=triangle
  • In MAME mode, Start = 1up or 2up, select = coin insert.
  • A pair of USB ports will be available at the front to insert 2 additional controllers for 4 player, or simply provide include analog controls for 1 player.
  • The Buttons will have individual LED control, to light them up when a game is selected to show which buttons are in use. will be tweaked to do this.
  • will also be tweaked to allow an optional web-page dislay in some sort of browser to a wiki link of control instructions.




  • Without having an analog joystick, any N64 or similar games that use analog, need to emulate the NintendoDS controls.

Software Setup Steps

  • Install Retro Pie
  • Boot up, and configure the joystick and buttons
  • Copy your roms-sets into the Roms directory using the samba share.
  • exit Emulation Station to the command prompt
  • run, find the after-install config option. find and the Scraper option. Run this for your scrapper if you have a few thousand roms.