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Now that I am one more, of many, EJ25 Head Gasket Failure Cases, I'm going to have to replace it. At the moment, it's not a serious failure. All that is happening is the head is leaking both oil and coolant to the outside. The combustion chamber appears unaffected as there is no sign of foam or water in the oil, nor oil or soot in the coolant.

Note! Replace the Water pump while your in there.

What I'll need

  • OE Head Gasket (11044AA633 $30ea)
  • New Intake Gaskets (14035AA383 $4ea)
  • New Exhaust Gaskets (44022AA020 $6ea)
  • New Head Bolts, 6 per side. (11095AA140 $3.94ea)
  • Rear Main Seal (806786040 $9ea)
  • Front Main Seal (806733030 $7ea)
  • PCV Valve (11821AA450 need to confirm part # $6)
  • Fuji Bond
  • Group N Motor Mounts (D1010FE110,D1010FE120 $120)
  • Group N Trans Mount (D1010FE020 $70)
  • Group N Pitch Stop (D1040FE000 $45)
  • Steering Rack Bushings
  • Clutch
    • DYI Writeup
    • ACT Stage 1 or "Street" ... "should" hold up to the SC
    • Then there is the Redevil Setup
      • Stock RS pressure plate new throwout bearing AND a 6 puck Kennedy carbotic disk for $97!
    • MUST reinforce stock release fork. It breaks with the ACT PP.

  • 12, 18 or 24" Starrett Steel Precision Straigh Edge (accurate to 0.001)
  • 14mm - 12 point socket for head bolts
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Scuff the mating surfaces with 600 grit wet sand paper and WD40. Use Saran Wrap and Petroleum Jelly to keep the crud OUT of the cylinders and oil/water galleys.
  • Or... even just rough it up with a coarse Scotch Bright pad.
  • Make sure the head is flat? This could add up though!